Lunch & Learn

The Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present two guest presenters at the Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, May 16 from 12:30-1:30 at the NSCC Campus in Amherst.

Debbie Currie Chairperson, Northern AIDS Connection Society and Ruthie Patriquin
Executive Director and Sexual Health Educator, Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County will be speaking for a few minutes on the theme for the 2012 International Day Against Homophobia campaign : “Sexual Diversity in the Workplace – It Pays Off!”.

Dr. Anthony Robichaud of Amherst Chiropractic will explain how the nervous system controls all function in the human body and that you do not just have to have back, hip and neck pain to see a chiropractor.  To follow are some of the other conditions chiropractors are able to effectively treat:

Sports injuries

                                                Muscle weakness


                                                Foot and knee pain

                                                Shoulder problems

                                                Arm/hand numbness




                                                Stomach problems

He will also explain and demonstrate how spinal structure and body chemistry work together.  Dr. Robichaud will show how exercising a muscle that is not functioning properly is futile and that not having the proper nutrition can influence a muscle’s function.